Terrorists eliminated, their weapons destroyed in several areas

Provinces, (SANA)- Army units on Saturday carried out several successful operations against the armed terrorist groups in several areas, killing and wounding scores of terrorists and destroying their weapons and ammunition.

Units of the armed forces regained complete control over the area surrounding al-Tim oil well, eliminating terrorists’ hideouts and gatherings in the groves of al-Mari’aeh village in Deir Ezzor countryside.

A source told SANA that units of the armed forces clashed with terrorists in the surrounding al-Tim oil well, asserting that the clashes resulted in regaining complete control over the well after eliminating the terrorists’ last hideouts and gatherings, and destroying their weapons, vehicles and ammunition.

The source added that an army unit destroyed terrorists’ hideouts and two cars equipped with a mortar and an anti-aircraft machineguns in the groves of al- Mari’ayeh village, killing scores of terrorists, among them Mohammad Matar al-Rawi and Hamad Abdel-Fattah al-Hussein al-Jalil.

So-called Religious court headquarters in Aleppo destroyed

A military source told SANA that terrorist groups’ hideouts were destroyed in the surrounding Aleppo central prison, near Rasem al-Abboud village and Hilan, with all the weapons and ammunition inside them.

The source added that army units killed and wounded a number of terrorists in the villages of azan, Hadadin, al-Wdaihi, Erbid, al-Jadideh, Kwairis and Shiekh Najjar, destroying cars loaded with weapons and ammunition.

In Aleppo city, army unit destroyed terrorists hideout of the so-called the religious courts in al-Mashhad neighborhood, killing all terrorists inside it.

All members of an armed terrorist group were eliminated in al-Shaar, al-Ansari, al-Marjeh, Bustan al-Qaser, Bani Zaid, Karm al-Jazmati, Karm Maisar and Qadi askar neighborhoods in Aleppo.

اخبار الاتحاد