President al-Assad: Syria is steadily moving towards victory

Damascus, (SANA) President Bashar al-Assad stressed Sunday that Syria is steadily heading towards victory thanks to the great sacrifices of its army and the steadfastness of its people of all spectra.


During a meeting with a delegation of cultural, educational, religious and social representatives from Hama province, the President said while the state is moving forward with combating terrorism, it will continue to support and boost the national reconciliation efforts anywhere until security and stability are restored to all the Syrian areas.


He asserted that the state pays great attention to the file of the missing, noting that several achievements have been made in this regard.


The President hailed the “honorable patriotic position” of the people of Hama who, like the citizens of the other Syrian provinces, “have provided an example of patriotism, credibility and rejection of the attempts at sowing discord among the people of the homeland.”


Discussions during the meeting dealt with the situation in Hama, including the various service, security and livelihood aspects, in addition to the basic needs of the residents, which President al-Assad affirmed they will be considered as soon as possible and met according to the capabilities available.


The delegation members, for their part, shed light on certain problems in the province, particularly in rural areas, and spoke of the efforts exerted by the notables in cooperation with the state institutions to achieve more of local reconciliations.

اخبار الاتحاد